R O G E R _E N O

Roger Eno was born in Woodbridge, Suffolk and, from the age of 16, studied music theory at Colchester Institute. He has had a varied and prolific career, which includes music composition for a number of high profile commercials and films including Dune, Nine and a Half Weeks and Trainspotting, and has produced numerous albums.

As a multi-instrumentalist, Roger is fascinated by sound, stories and landscapes and has been particularly influenced by the Suffolk countryside where he was brought up. He creates audio-scapes or ‘Aleatoric' Sound Art Installations which have featured at Tate Britain, Salthouse Arts Festival and most recently at Ipswich Museum. His series of short films in collaboration with 'Various Artists' is due to be aired later this year. He regularly performs new material on the piano and accordion with string accompaniment and collaborators. All of Roger's live performances are accompanied by collaborative visual art projections.